Wednesday, August 31, 2011


OurCompassion is a cause-driven social network dedicated to connecting those committed to releasing children from poverty in Jesus' name. This has been an amazing resource to me as a sponsor and as a child advocate with Compassion. 

In addition to the social networking piece with other sponsors and advocates, OurCompassion allows you to:

  • Ask any questions regarding letter writing, sponsor tours, or things to send to sponsor children. Within such a sort time, other sponsors reply with comments, suggestions, advice, and prayers in regards to your questions;
  •  Post journals about your ideas or experiences as a child sponsor; 
  • Share in joys and sorrows as a follower of Christ;  
  • Join interest groups surrounding topics you are passionate about;
  •   Learn more about your sponsor child's Compassion project; 
  • Network with other sponsors within the same project as your child. 

The list goes on! Please considering joining OurCompassion today and share in the joys of others who are working to release children from poverty in Jesus' name!


  1. I love our Compassion!

    Thanks for sharing....


  2. Not being a big social networking person, I forget to check OurCompassion on a regular basis. I'm getting better and have been going there several times a week in the past couple months.

    Are we friends there?

  3. @Jill, I just added you as a friend on Our Compassion. Thanks for entering in the give-away!


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