Monday, August 15, 2011

The Importance of Letter Writing

This past Friday was the monthly Virtual Letter Writing Night, which takes place the second Friday of every month. Just in time for the letter writing night, I received letters from two out of my three sponsor children. It is always a joy for me to receive their letters. Admittingly, I do feel a little disappointed when I check my mail and do not find an envelope from Compassion in the mix with all the others. I can only imagine how our sponsor children feel.

Last December, I participated in a Christmas card basket for un-sponsored Compassion children in Ecuador through Day Spring. I read about how these children are eagerly waiting to get sponsor and look sadly at the children who receive warm letters of their own. I also learned about the little ones who are sponsored, but hardly ever receive anything from their sponsors.

Philippians 2:5 says, "In your relationships with one another, have the same mindset as Christ Jesus." What kind of sponsor relationship would Jesus have with these kids? Many of us would love the opportunity to visit our children or go on a missions trip, but not all of us will get the opportunity to go. Letter-writing is our way to access another child in a poverty-stricken area to give them the good news of Jesus Christ. This is the relationship that God put on our hearts to build. The only way these children will know that there is truly a God out there who loves them, is if we show them Christ's love through the letters we write.

If you haven't already written a letter to your sponsor child, please do. You can access the stationary for a written letter here. Or you can send your child an e-mail here. Please refer to this link for general questions about letter writing. There are also letter writing tips available to you as a sponsor.

You can read more about the importance of writing to your child at the following Compassion Blog.

If you currently do not sponsor a child and would like to, please click here to look at pictures of children in need of sponsorship.

Write now and brighten your child's day! God Bless you in your letter writing!!


  1. I'm just finishing up my monthly round of letters. With 19 letters to write, it takes quite a bit of time and usually stretches out of the entire weekend. I've got a letter writing post going up tomorrow, with a correspondent kit giveaway. You are welcome to come over to Compassion Family and enter.

  2. Looking forward to it Jill! I will for sure check it out. Thinking about getting a correspondent child myself!

  3. The correspondent kit is for any sponsored child - not just correspondent ones. It has 13 sheets of fun paper (one for each month of the year and one birthday one) and lots of extras to include in your letters (stickers and such).

  4. I love this post! I am so passionate about letter writing. I think you should definitely look into the correspondence program anyway - we have 3 correspondent kids and it has been such a blessing for our family!

    Also, just wanted to mention that I saw your blog post on the Compassion blog great!! Congratulations, and thanks for what you wrote! It's a great article to refer to as I start brainstorming how to incorporate my advocacy with our local church.

  5. Thank you for your comment Amanda! It's so funny that you mentioned getting involved with the correspondence program because I contacted Compassion today and signed up to receive 2 correspondent children! I'm so excited to see who God places in my path.

    Also, thank you for you compliment on the Compassion blog post. I will post the entire version on this blog since it needed to be shortened for the Compassion blog. Be sure to check back this weekend!

  6. Letter writing have always been an important long distance communication tool.


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