Monday, August 22, 2011

Blogging for Compassion

Prior to my time on OurCompassion, I wasn't exactly one to follow a lot of blogs. The Compassion Blogs, however, have been more than just blogs. It has been a great resource for sponsors and potential sponsors alike. The Compassion Blog was actually the inspiration for creating this blog. I wanted to take the time to give credit to this wonderful resource that this incredible organization has provided us with. Here are some of my favorite and most helpful blogs in no particular order. I encourage you to check them out when you get the chance.

Top Ten Compassion Blogs (Not in any particular order)

1.      Funny Things Kids Say: As a first grade teacher, one of my favorite benefits aside from seeing all those “a-ha” moments are the funny things that kids say. This has reigned true with the things my sponsor children say. It can range from touching my heart that I want to cry, to just being so-darn cute!

2.      Sponsorship in Six Words: This one was a thinker – how to explain the impact of sponsorship into only six words was challenging – but I loved all the creative responses. Mine – “A child changed my life forever.”

3.      Write Your Child the Second Friday of Every Month: I never realized the importance of letter writing until hearing the stories of the children waiting for “mail day” and finding out that they did not receive a letter from their sponsor. This just broke my heart. Before, I would just write when I received a response from my sponsor child. Now, I just write whenever God puts them on my heart… regardless if I have received a response back or not. To them, it means more knowing that someone out there loves them and is thinking of them.

4.      This Is Where You Come In: This one hit close to home for two reasons. One, I love Compassion and support it 100%. Two, I have a brother with Autism who participates in Special Olympics. This was an amazing story of a young girl with special needs who went through Compassion International and Special Olympics!

5.      Delivering Hope: I participated in this! This was such great idea and opportunity to write letters to Compassion’s children who are still waiting for a sponsor. God does not let their prayers go un-heard!

6.      A Mission to Further Your Mission: Join Our Street Team: I love how Compassion is mission forward in this day in age to evangelize through social media. This is a great idea and I love completing orders to save up for a future sponsor tour!If you are interested in joining, please go to Helpful Links and click on "Compassion: The Official Street Team"

7.      The Real Problem is the Malaria: This video was the same clip I shared with my first grade class. We have been raising money for bite-back as a class community service project. It was only supposed to be for one month, but the students have been so excited about sharing about how malaria affects children their age, they chose to continue raising money for it!

8.      Haiti Earthquake Update: It was so devastating to hear that the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere had lost so much. This blog was a great resource to hear about what Compassion was doing in response to this traumatic situation.

9.      Should I Visit My Sponsored Child?: Like many other sponsors, I hope to visit my sponsor children someday. This blog was a great resource to evaluate my finances and the worth of taking a sponsor tour to visit my children.

10   Letter Writing Ideas: Though I know that sending money gifts are always an option, it is still something to know that I put time and thought into something I send to my sponsor children. This blog was a great resource to bounce off ideas with other sponsors.


  1. Wow thanks for sharing! I love that place too....

    Love reading all the compassion blogs. So encouraging...


  2. Thanks for posting this, Maria! I love Compassion's blog but only started following it back in April, so it's great to go back and read some of the more popular posts that I missed out on. :-)


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