Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mail Call from Dominican Republic!

The second letter I received was from Yamairy in Dominican Republic. It was dated June 20, 2011 and was received August 6, 2011. She had two messages in this letter. I will share them both here.

Hello dear Maria,

The child greets you in the love of Jesus. She says; my family is well and now I am on vacation because school is over. I like visiting the church. When I grow up I want to be a doctor. In my community there are people who work as sugar cane cutters and sowers, tractors drivers and teachers. I would like to learn to cook cakes and bake bread, and some ways how I can do this is by paying attention, practicing and attending school. The child thanks you for the letters. In school I am learning to add and write. I got the magazines; thanks for them (again, these are the extra Scholastic News magazines from my classroom)! They are beautiful. The story I like the most was when Jesus shared the bread and fishes (I believe this is in response to when I asked what her favorite bible story was). Do you have a dog? I ask you to pray for my father. God bless you!

With much love,


Second message....

The child says; the school year runs on September and ends in June. Here in Easter we hold a beautiful big service to the Lord in the church and they make dramas and pantomimes and cook tasty sweet beans (beans cooked with milk, sugar and raisins). I love you. Talk to you soon.


Yamairy also drew me a picture of here at I believe to be her school or the Compassion project. It was labeled, "the child is assisting the sick."

I am so proud of this beautiful little girl! She is working so hard in school and has such motivation to be successful in all she does.

Come back again for the final letter from my third Compassion child! Also, please stop by the Compassion Family blog to enter to win a correspondent kit to help you in your letter writing!


  1. What a great letter! I love letter days!

    I found you from Jill's blog. So encouraging to find others w/ a love for Compassion!


  2. Thank you Teena! I added you to my list of blogs to follow. I love connecting with other sponsors and advocates for Compassion as well. So great to have fellowship with each other and to come up with praise and prayers together!


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