Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Winners of Give-Away #2

Thank you to everyone who entered my second give-away! I ended with a total of 13 entries. I pulled 1 grand prize winner of the "Faces of Compassion" photo book and two alternative winners for either the Compassion static cling or Compassion swirly stickers.

And the grand prize winner is..... Lysa!

And our 2nd and 3rd place winners are ..... Kayla and Teena!!

Please e-mail me at angel_55425(at)yahoo(dot)com and let me know what your address is. If you were an alternate winner, please let me know if you would like the static cling, the large swirly sticker, or the small swirly sticker. If you already have one the the prizes listed, I encourage you to give it as a gift to another sponsor - or to a future sponsor. You can view the prizes again here.

Congratulations to our winners! The next give away will be in January 2012!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Count Down to End of the Give-away!

There are only a few days left before the end of my give-away of the Faces of Compassion photo book that I created. You can enter by simply submitting a post saying that you would like to be included in the drawing. Open to all new and existing followers of my blog. Good luck to all of you!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tis the Season to be Thankful for... Free Give Aways!!

Hey Everyone!

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I have been ever thankful to Jesus for so many things... especially my ability to support children through sponsorship. In honor of my three beautiful sponsor children, I am holding my second give-away! I have created a book that can be used at your Compassion events. I named the book, "The Faces of Compassion International." It is a collection of pictures that I have used in Powerpoints when I hold a Compassion presentation.

I plan to have this at the table with all of the child packets for Compassion Sunday's and other events that I volunteer with for Compassion. Inside, not only will you find pictures of children who benefit from Compassion International's various programs, but you will also find scriptures that directly quote children and poverty. This could be a great tool for even a one on one discussion with a potential sponsor. It offers a face to the verses that God's word tells us.

There are several ways to enter... are you ready?

1. Follow my blog! This will earn you 1 entry. This is for all existing and new followers. Just let me know that you want to be entered. If you are a new follower since my last give away (dated 10-1-11 or later) I will give you 2 entries if you comment.
2. If you already follow my blog, recruit another blogger to follow my blogs. Reply to this blog telling me who you referred. This will earn you 3 entries. (One for the recruit, one since you already follow, and another one for commenting!)
3. Post this blogpost on your own blog, telling them about the give-away. This will earn you 2 entries.
4. Mention this blog through another avenue of social media. (Ex. Facebook, Twitter, OurCompassion, etc....) Let me know where you post it. Every different avenue you post will earn you 1 entry.
5. Make a comment on one of my previous blogposts. (I will include every comment dated 11-22-11 through the end of the give-away.) Each comment will earn you 1 entry.... PLUS.... You can earn up to 7 entries for every different comment you make.

The grand prize will of course be the "Faces of Compassion International" photo book. I am also throwing in a 2nd and 3rd alternate winner for one of the following items. First is a Compassion sticker to be used on your car, laptop, luggage, or wherever you want to put it to spread the word about Compassion! Second is a static cling that can be used on your car or any glass surface. I show it pictured here on the bumper of my car. If you really try, you can get the white backing off the cling and it will stick like a bumper sticker. You may make your choice when I announce the winners.

Depending on the number responses of the give-away, I may pull up to 5 winners. I encourage all of you to enter EVEN if you already have some of these items. These are great things to give to new sponsors!

This give-away will last from Wednesday, November 23rd through Wednesday, November 30th. I will announce winners on the evening of Friday, December 1st. I will hold this give-away every other month, so please check back again!!  Good luck everyone!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Missions In Action Trailer

  This trailer is a preview of what you can expect from the Missions In Action series launching on November 16, 2011. For this season, they will be traveling to the Philippines, India, Sri Lanka, Zambia, and more while working with sponsors such as Compassion International and World Vision. 

 Here is a little more info on Missions In Action - taken directly from their website.


About Missions In Action

Missions In Action is an interactive series that was created with the purpose to make a difference in the world.
The format of each episode is very simple and straight-forward:
  1. Identify a problem somewhere in the world that people are facing.
  2. Highlight the actions that individuals and/or companies are taking to help those in need.
  3. Provide a way for viewers to help out through a specific call to action.
The core team at Around The World Productions has collectively traveled the globe to hundreds of countries and has seen the highs and lows of what the world has to offer. We have found that even in situations that seem hopeless where many people would have given up, there are individuals who shine bright and are full of hope.
These inspirations have come from people of all cultures, backgrounds, and walks of life. From the dumps of Cambodia to the refugee camps of Kenya, from the orphans in India to the sick in Namibia, the stories go on and on. The strength of the human spirit to overcome challenges cannot be stopped when there is hope and when others help show the way.
Realizing that we have been very blessed and fortunate in our lives, we have taken on the challenge of raising the bar with our award winning storytelling to show people and places that are rarely ever seen. We want to extend our experiences and emotions to our audiences so that you can see this first hand yourselves. We want you to be able to make a difference in this world also.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Campaigning for Compassion

As another election day has come and gone, I look around to see all the various yard signs and bumper stickers around my community that support a particular group or politician. It is just amazing how politics is such a strong influence in how our society operates. I can't help but think how backwards this can be as we ought to operate under Christ's authority and working to advance his kingdom.

According to Merriam-Webster's dictionary, campaign is defined as a connected series of operations designed to bring about a particular result. As a Compassion International child advocate and sponsor, I am operating within a series of operations that were designed to bring about the eradication of extreme poverty, in the name of Jesus Christ.

Compassion makes it so easy for us to be "campaigners" for Christ's mission to release children from poverty. Best of all, the resources offered are all free stuff!

Here are a couple of resources that are available to you:

- Yard signs
- Bookmarks
- Bumper stickers and window clings
- Counter displays with brochures

Please utilize these resources. I encourage you to spread the word and share your story about how Compassion International has worked to bringing others to Christ. They are great conversation starters! How are you a campaigner for Compassion? Please share your ideas and activities with us!

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Isaiah Challenge: Release. Relieve. Revive

Compassion came out with a brand new initiative for advocates called, The Isaiah Challenge: Release. Relieve. Revive. In Isaiah 58:6, God instructs us to loose the chains of injustice, untie the cords of the yoke and set the oppressed free. Compassion International is an organization that is living Isaiah 58!

Each word represents three different causes through Compassion.

Release: Child Sponsorship Program - "Grace Finds Hope"

Relieve: Bite Back!

Revive: Water of Life

If you are a child advocate for Compassion International, I encourage you to participate in one or all of these causes. Check it out and choose the cause that you are most passionate about! Can't decide, take on the challenge of all three causes and see what God will do! If you are not an advocate, I ask that you pray as to how God wants you to respond to Isaiah 58. Check out all the links and info here!
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