Monday, November 7, 2011

The Isaiah Challenge: Release. Relieve. Revive

Compassion came out with a brand new initiative for advocates called, The Isaiah Challenge: Release. Relieve. Revive. In Isaiah 58:6, God instructs us to loose the chains of injustice, untie the cords of the yoke and set the oppressed free. Compassion International is an organization that is living Isaiah 58!

Each word represents three different causes through Compassion.

Release: Child Sponsorship Program - "Grace Finds Hope"

Relieve: Bite Back!

Revive: Water of Life

If you are a child advocate for Compassion International, I encourage you to participate in one or all of these causes. Check it out and choose the cause that you are most passionate about! Can't decide, take on the challenge of all three causes and see what God will do! If you are not an advocate, I ask that you pray as to how God wants you to respond to Isaiah 58. Check out all the links and info here!


  1. Thanks for encouraging. I am participating in The Isaiah Challenge. Talked to a women tonight who has sponsored 2 girls from Uganda for 10 yrs! It was so encouraging!


  2. So cool! I hope to have a long relationship with my own sponsor children as well. I used the "Grace Finds Hope" video for my last new sponsorship. It is so powerful and speaks for itself! Praying for much success in your ministry!

  3. I am showing the film 58: at our church this next Sunday. We will have kids available to sponsor, mosquito nets available to purchase and water of life kits available to purchase as well.


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