Friday, December 23, 2011

Mail Call from Thailand

Love this time of year when all the letters come shuffling in. Been trying to keep up with getting the posts up! This letter was received from Chatchai. It was dated September 30, 2011 and was received December 16, 2011.

Dear Maria,

Hello! I am Sumalee Chermue. I write on behalf of Chatchai because he is not able to write by himself yet. How are you and your family? His family and he are doing well. It is reaping corn season in his hometown and it is the rainy season also. The rain is making the reaping corn miserable. There is earth collapsing also then it is very hard to go to anywhere now. How is the weather in your country? How is your country now? At the project, he studies in the program, sings songs, listens to Jesus' story, and cleans our project's area. He is taking exam at his school now. He will take a break from school soon. He said that he will help his parents to do reaping corn in this vacation. Please pray for Thailand because many places in Thailand have been flooded now. There is earth collapsing in many places also. Finally, he said that he wishes you and your family will be happy always. God Bless you.

Love and regards,

The project's volunteer for Chatchai

Please join me in praying for Thailand and it's weather conditions - even though time has passed since the letter was written. That's the nice thing about our God, time is not a limit for Him! 

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  1. When I first read this and the line about "all the letters shuffling in" I was a bit jealous. I've had quite a letter drought.

    But then I went to the mailbox and there were 4 letters waiting for me!!! Oh happy day!


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