Sunday, December 18, 2011

Mail Call from Dominican Republic

I apologize for being so behind on blog posts! Life has been crazy as we are wrapping up 2011 at school before winter break. It was so nice to come home from a busy day at school to a letter from my dear Yamairy from Dominican Republic. It was dated October 10, 2011 and was received on December 12, 2011.

Hello Dear Maria,

May God bless you and your family much; her family is well thank God. She is taking a lot of class in school and attends to church on Sundays. The child thanks you for the love that you give her and for the letters, stickers, and drawings. She asks, "What are you going to do this Christmas? The child asks you to pray for her family. 

Written by  Maxima (tutor) for Yamairy

Yamairy also drew me a picture of her family. I hope that next time I will see a picture with more smiles!

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