Friday, September 23, 2011

Sponsor a child and win lots of cool Compassion gear!!!

Jill, over at Compassion Family, has an AMAZING give-away on her blog. She is in need of sponsors for two beautiful little boys:

Please head over to her blog to check out the details here. She is also has an incredible Sponsor Pack for anyone who steps up to sponsor these boys. Here is a preview of what she is including in her give away.

ALSO, I have decided to join Jill in this give away. If you DO decide to step up and sponsor and you are a follower of BOTH Jill and my blogs, I will throw in a Welcome Kit that I have for new sponsorships. Check out the details here and check out the picture below to see what is included.

Please e-mail me at angel_55425(at)yahoo(dot)com to let me know that you stepped up to sponsor. Please also let Jill know that you either saw it on my blog or that you are also a follower of my blog so that I can get the kit sent out to you.

Thank you in advance for whoever decides to sponsor these dear ones. I encourage you to pray that God will put them on someone's heart. Also, thank you Jill for all you do for Compassion and God's children! Take care and God Bless!


  1. are awesome! Thank you for posting about this and for also throwing in your own welcome kit.

    Thank you!

  2. wow how special for that new sponsor... will help spread the word.. will share on twitter and fb.

    I love the encouragement... you give, and so many of you give...

    much love,


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