Monday, September 12, 2011

Free Give Away!!!

Hey Everyone!

Welcome to my first ever give-away! Thanks to Jill and her blog over at Compassion Family, I have created a book through that can be used at your Compassion events. I named the book, "The Faces of Compassion International." It is a collection of pictures that I have used in powerpoints when I hold a Compassion presentation.

I plan to have this at the table with all of the child packets for Compassion Sunday's and other events that I volunteer with for Compassion. Inside, not only will you find pictures of children who benefit from Compassion International's various programs, but you will also find scriptures that directly quote children and poverty. This could be a great tool for even a one on one discussion with a potential sponsor. It offers a face to the verses that God's word tells us.

There are several ways to enter... are you ready?

1. Follow my blog! This will earn you 1 entry. (I will include all new followers dated 9-12-11 through the end of the give-away.)
2. If you already follow my blog, recruit another blogger to follow my blogs. Reply to this blog telling me who you referred. This will earn you 3 entries. (One for the recruit, one since you already follow, and another one for commenting!)
3. Post this blogpost on your own blog, telling them about the give-away. This will earn you 2 entries.
4. Mention this blog through another avenue of social media. (Ex. Facebook, Twitter, OurCompassion, etc....) Let me know where your post it. Every different avenue you post will earn you 1 entry.
5. Make a comment on one of my previous blogposts. (I will include every comment dated 9-12-11 through the end of the give-away.) Each comment will earn you 1 entry.... PLUS.... You can earn up to 7 entries for every different comment you make.

The grand prize will of course be the "Faces of Compassion International" photo book. I am also throwing in a 2nd and 3rd alternate winner for a Compassion sticker to be used on your car, laptop, luggage, or wherever you want to put it to spread the word about Compassion!

This give-away will last from Monday, September 12th through Sunday, September 18th. That's 7 days! I will announce winners on the evening of Monday, September 19th. This will be the first of many give-aways, so please check back again!!  Good luck everyone!!


  1. Oh I would love to win this. I am a new advocate and have a couple presentations scheduled so this would be great. I am going to "tweet" about this.. share on my fb too.

    Will also share on my blog... will let you know when I do!


    Much love,

  2. This is cool. I bet that book is great. Claire over at ''All for Jesus'' always tells me how much she wants a sticker like that so I will definitely tell her. And I will post about it on my blog.

    Your friend,

  3. I thought I was already a follower... just followed you!

  4. This is great Maria! Here is my blog post about your giveaway.

  5. I mentioned this over on OurCompassion

  6. beautiful book. I'd love to win it. I found you from a journal by Jill on OC and her blog I shared your giveaway on my FB. Thanks for entering me.

  7. this is Ronda but I had to select anonymous to get my comments to post. My 1st time here and I don't know how to work this. sorry. I like your posts.

  8. Great give-a-way!! I'm a new follower!

  9. So great to get such an awesome response! There will for sure be more, so please check back. 24 entries so far today!

  10. Just started following you! I am so excited and I will share on Our Compassion.


  11. I just posted about it on OC. I forgot to last night when I was online. I don't know if I am to late to get that entry but I wanted to be honest.

  12. I've entered you in Lysa! And no, it's not too late. You were just in time before I did the drawing! Also, I got your comment from the Bite Back post so I added another one for you. Good luck!


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