Thursday, October 13, 2011

Double Mail Call! - Part II

This next letter was another letter from Chatchai in Thailand. This was the second letter this month! It was dated August 31, 2011 and was received September 30, 2011. This letter was written by dictation to a project volunteer.

Dear Maria,

Greetings! I'm writing on behalf of Chatchai because he cannot write by himself. He's so glad you write him the letter and send him the pictures (this was when I first piloted the new online letter writing tool!!) He really likes them a lot. You asked him whether his school was on the break or not. He says he goest to the school every weekday. What did you do on his break? During the school break, he helped his parents take care of his younger sibling, get the water, and wash dishes. Importantly, he studied at the project too. He's so happy having a great time at the project. He wast to know if it rains in your country or not. You asked him if he has summer class or not. Yes, we do have summer class here but he's still young to take it, but his older sister attends summer class. You asked him when the last time he read and studied was. He said he reads and studies everyday. His older sister teaches him to read every day. Lastly, I want you to pray for his family and his study as well. He wishes you happiness. May God bless you always.

Love and regards,

Chatchai, written by project volunteer

Here is the picture that he sent with the letter. I love getting these! I love how I am hearing from him so much!

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