Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mail Call from Thailand!

This next letter is from Chatchai from Thailand. It was dated February 5, 2012 and was received on April 23, 2012. This letter was written by a project volunteer. I can't wait until he is able to write on his own!

Dear Maria,

Hello. I am a project volunteer. I write to you on behalf of Chatchai because he cannot write by himself yet. His family and he are fine. He thanks you very much for your Christmas blessing. He lived with his family on the past Christmas. He said the he joined the Christmas party at the project with his friends. He said that he had a lot of fun with it because there were many friends that joined there together. There were many presents for children also. He goes to school on Monday-Friday. He attends the project's activities on weekends. He said the he studies not too much at school because he is in kindergarten. He is studying primary education now. He has an opportunity to sleep in the afternoon also. He said that your smile is very beautiful. He said to please write to hime again. Finally, please pray for his travel to and from school. He will always pray for your health. He wishes that you will be happy every day. He spent your gift on sport trousers and clothes. May God bless you always. 

Love and regards,

Chatchai and project volunteer

I chuckle at this letter. It is so common for kids this age to hear the question, "So what did you do in school today?" and respond with, "Nothing much." It is too funny! My young man just turned 8 on March 28th. Can't wait to hear about how his birthday went!

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