Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Giving Tuesday

Black Friday was days ago, Cyber Monday is behind us.... it is time for Giving Tuesday!

What better way to give than giving the love of Christ! The past 2 years I have gotten my family and friends items from the Compassion Gift Catalog. It is the best because it not only shares Christ's love to the receiver, but the children and families living in poverty too!

What I have done is choose one of the inexpensive gifts and get about 2 dozen of them to give to co-workers and to "add-on" to gifts I've already gotten for that person. Then there are a few of the bigger gifts on the catalog that I get in honor of someone. Last year, I chose a few gifts in honor of my Compassion children that I sponsor!

If you haven't already, check out this years catalog and spread the word to others!


  1. thanks for sharing! We have been looking at our Compassion Catalog too.


    1. I am still deciding on a few gifts... I love all the options this year!!!

  2. I think I liked the options better last year, but appreciate that this year's options are probably more specific and therefore more effective. As a family, we haven't yet talked about how we will use the catalog as part of our gift giving.

  3. I agree with you Jill, there were some options that I was disappointed that is wasn't available this year that were in year's past, but am also pleased that there were new ones to choose from. I guess it is Compassion's way of mixing things up. They are probably trying to keep things more specific or catering it to areas of need. Regardless of the reason, I am glad to know that it will be put to good use!


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