Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Planting seeds & playing catch up....


Wow, it has been such a long time since I have posted last! This has proven to be a very busy, emotional, and God-fearing summer! I hope to get back into the groove as another school year comes close.

Couple of updates, have continued to get my wonderful letters coming in from Nury, Chatchai, and Yamairy. I received birthday "thank yous" from all three of them. If there has one thing that has been consistent this summer, it has been my daily prayers for them, striving to write to them each month, and thanking God that I continue to have the ability to sponsor them.

On the Compassion front, I had the opportunity to volunteer at the Joyful Noise concert in June. I was unable to attend the entire event, but I was able to see Mandisa, Peter Fuler, and TobyMac! When I left for the evening, we had between 35-40 sponsored children!

MandisaPeter FurlerToby Mac

I was also successful in recruiting a new sponsor at my church! I haven't been able to do a Compassion Sunday presentation for the past 2 years. Surprisingly, one of our church members remembered the presentation and came up to me one weekend as said, " I want to sponsor a child through Compassion." Whoo-hoo! That was a "Praise God" moment. It just made me think about the seeds that are planted. God calls us to plant the seeds and to be in prayer. As time goes on, the seed gets water and sun and grows. You never know when God allows something like this to flourish!!

As summer comes to an end, what seeds have you planted? How have you seen how God has been watering the seed you planted?

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