Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Acquire the Fire 2012

Another catch up blog! I almost fully recovered from parent-teacher conferences at school!

I was able to volunteer again with my wonderful roommate, Brandy, at Acquire the Fire 2012 on February 4th at the Minneapolis Convention Center. This was a lot of fun because Acquire the Fire was the first ever event we had ever worked back in 2011. There were a lot of changes this time around such as the location of the booth (outside the arena instead of inside) as well as the time of the presentation. Apparently, we didn't quite get the ideal time for former Compassion child, Innocent from Uganda, to speak.

Nevertheless, it was an amazing turn out. I don't remember the final count, but there was approximately 120 children sponsored over the course of the event! After our shift, Brandy and I had the chance to sit in on the praise and worship from the "School of Worship." Worship time was extremely powerful that night. 

School of Worship

The highlight of the night had to be listening to Joel Johnson speak about how he proposed to his wife and how they prayed to God before coming together in love. Their love story was very inspiring. I pray for the man that the Lord is preparing for me now. Can't wait to volunteer again next year!!!

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