Sunday, February 19, 2012

Rock & Worship Roadshow - "Free Download Alert"

My apologies for these long overdue posts! We had midterm report cards at school and are currently in parent-teacher conference mode. These next few posts will come daily until I catch up to make it up to everyone!

The Rock  & Worship Roadshow was AMAZING to say the least! I went and volunteered with my roommate, Brandy, and her 19 year old niece, Kaela.

We were originally scheduled to work at one of the tables, but ended up helping with the "packet passing." This was awesome because there were members from our church youth group and young adults group there as well! I have never seen so many people in one arena with their hands lifted high - praising God! There were so many artists - one for practically every genre of music. Here are a few pictures of a few... at least the ones that turned out the best.

Moriah Peters


Mercy Me

You can see a complete list of artists as well as the remaining shows for the 2012 season at the Rock & Worship Roadshow website.

Also, I am including a link to a free download from Moriah Peters. Her single is called, "I Choose Jesus." 


Her album is set to be released April 17, 2012. Get her single "I Choose Jesus," at this link now though March 18, 2012.  There will be a box on the left hand side of the website that should direct you to a free download.

Will update soon about Acquire the Fire. Please check back within the next few days!

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